Asking for a Second Opinion

When to ask for a Second Opinion?

With recent advances in spine surgery, some patients may have a false perception that there is little risk to undergoing a spine operation. While some operations have very much lower risks than others, all spine surgery ​has the potential to change someone's life for better or worse. We feel that having the most informed decision possible is important for every patient and Dr. Bjerke is pleased to offer a second opinion to any patient that has already been offered medical advice regarding their spine care.

Because of this, Dr. Bjerke believes that except in rare emergency cases, it is never a bad idea to ask for a second opinion. There are many conditions can be treated in several different ways with success. Sometimes those ways involve nonsurgical and surgical procedures, different surgical operations, or different approaches to an operation, such as a minimally invasive versus an open surgery. Except in the case of an emergency (which is very rare), any physician who recommends against obtaining a second opinion is probably giving you bad advice.