Safe and Modern Spinal Care.

Individualized Medicine.

Benjamin Bjerke, MD | Reno Spine Surgeon
Expert Opinion:​

Dr. Bjerke has extensive experience in providing legal advice and expert testimony for legal issues involving orthopedic and spinal conditions:

Dr. Bjerke completed the combined Neurosurgical and Orthopedic Spine Surgery Fellowship with world-renowned Mayo Clinic. He offers the most modern comprehensive spine care with a focus on individualized medicine and patient safety.

Only when surgery is necessary, his goal is to provide an individualized plan of care for each patient. This means providing the safest and minimally-invasive procedure that has proven to be effective. Dr. Bjerke is proficient with the most modern advancements in spine care, including minimal access surgery techniques, stereotactic computer-aided navigation, intra-operative neuromonitoring, and motion-preserving procedures when appropriate.


Dr. Bjerke understands that each patient's goals and expectations are unique, and his goal is always to maximize function while making the recovery process as manageable as possible.

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